Scientific Program

LIA Origins Sino-french meeting
La Londe Les Maures
May 13-17, 2012



Monday May 14th:

9:00    Introduction welcome X.P. Wu + F. Hammer

Session: Cosmology  

9:30  J.M. Alimi   Dark Energy Universe Simulation: The First-ever full observable universe simulation    
10:00  W.P Lin      Some applications of N-body/SPH cosmological simulations

10:30   Coffee Break

11:00 X. Kang      semi-analytical model for galaxy formation
11:30 J.P. Kneib   Mapping the Universe: the next generation imaging and spectroscopic surveys
12:00 X.Z Zheng    Search for high-z emission-line galaxies with CFHT/WIRCam
12:30 Group Photo and Lunch  

14:00 Z. Fan     Weak lensing Peaks Statistics
14:30 L. Fu      CFHTLenS: Cosmological constraints from weak cosmological lensing
15:00 N. Epchtein  A Polar Large Telescope (PLT) for large synoptic astronomical surveys  in the near thermal infrared
15:30 Q. Zheng      Extracting the power spectrum of reionization with 21CMA

16:00 Coffee Break
16:30 D. Li  The Promise of a Giant Radio Telescope  
17:00 J.H. Gu   Detecting Baryon Acoustic Oscillations with Future Radio Observations
17:30 L. Feng   Turbulence of the IGM on large scales
18:00 H. Flores  IFU observations and simulations from GIRAFFE to X-Shooter

18:30 Wine tasting  

Tuesday May 15th: Session: DM and galaxies

09:00 Y.P. Jing    Evolution of galaxies and dark matter halos
09:30 E. Athanassoula  Secular evolution: The role of bars, dark matter and gas
10:00 A. Bosma         Dark matter in galaxies

10:30 Coffee break

11:00 R. Mohayee   Dark Flow and LCDM  
11:30 L. Gao      Dark Matter annihilation from galaxy clusters
12:00 E. Nezri   DM detection in N-body simulation framework

12:30  Lunch

Session: Our Galaxy and other galaxies  

14:00 A. Robin Modelling our Galaxy : new insights from stellar population synthesis
14:30 Y. Gao    Star formation laws in galaxies: recent updates  
15:00 Q.J. Yu        A phenomenological model of dual AGNs
15:30 M.  Zemp   Molecular hydrogen based star formation

16:00 Coffee Break

16:30 J. Shen          Modeling the Milky Way Bulge
17:00 S. Rodionov      Bending instability and vertical heating of a stellar disk
17:20 M. Kubryk        Radial migration in N-body simulations
17:40 S.G. Shu         Photometric properties of LBGs at z~1
18:10 F. Hammer        Observations of galaxies from z=1 to z=0
18:40 S. Fouquet       Impact of a past major merger on the Local Group

Wednesday May 16th  morning: Session:    BH/AGN

9:00 A. Omont        Herschel submillimeter lenses. H2O, a new diagnosis of their dense cores.
9:30 Z.W. Han  The role of binary stars in evolutionary population  synthesis study of early-type galaxies
10:00 Y. Lu  Physical modeling of QSOs: luminosity function, Eddington ratio distribution, mass function of active massive black holes, and clustering of QSOs

10:30  Coffee Break

11:00 R. Sadoun  M-sigma relation between SMBHs and the velocity dispersion of the globular cluster systems  
11:30 J.H. Fan  Beaming Effect for the Gamma-ray Blazars

12:00 Early Lunch  because of afternoon trip -
12:50 Departure from Hotel
13:30 Boat trip

20:00 Conference dinner

Thursday May 17th: Session:Instrumentation and Projects

9:00 M. Dennefeld: The potential of the "variable sky" for collaborative research and training
9:30 F. Viallefond The mathematical foundations of a measurement set data-model for physical experiments.
10:00 M. Chebbo Adaptive optics with artificial guide star:  Cone effect correction, filtering and coupling between Laser and Natural Guide Stars
10:20 M. Gray   Ensemble Transform Kalman Filter (ETKF):  Towards a dynamic and optimal control law for complex AO systems on Extremely Large Telescopes

10:40  Coffee break

11:10 S.J.Xue China's perspective to Join TMT and On Going Activities
11:40 J.-G. Cuby   The European Extremely Large Telescope Project

12:30 Lunch

14:00 P. Amram  Latest results of the "Mass Assembly Survey with SINFONI in VVDS (MASSIV)"
14:30 C. Tao   Tsinghua Center for Astrophysics and the Dark Universe
15:00  Discussions on LIA + Closing remarks
16:00 Coffee 

16:30 LIA Origins Science commitee meeting

Bus departing for Toulon at 18:00

Train departs 19:20 in Toulon