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Scientific Program

LIA Origins Sino-french meeting
La Londe Les Maures
May 13-17, 2012



Monday May 14th:

9:00    Introduction welcome X.P. Wu + F. Hammer

Session: Cosmology  

9:30  J.M. Alimi   Dark Energy Universe Simulation: The First-ever full observable universe simulation    
10:00  W.P Lin      Some applications of N-body/SPH cosmological simulations

10:30   Coffee Break

11:00 X. Kang      semi-analytical model for galaxy formation
11:30 J.P. Kneib   Mapping the Universe: the next generation imaging and spectroscopic surveys
12:00 X.Z Zheng    Search for high-z emission-line galaxies with CFHT/WIRCam
12:30 Group Photo and Lunch  

14:00 Z. Fan     Weak lensing Peaks Statistics
14:30 L. Fu      CFHTLenS: Cosmological constraints from weak cosmological lensing
15:00 N. Epchtein  A Polar Large Telescope (PLT) for large synoptic astronomical surveys  in the near thermal infrared
15:30 Q. Zheng      Extracting the power spectrum of reionization with 21CMA

16:00 Coffee Break
16:30 D. Li  The Promise of a Giant Radio Telescope  
17:00 J.H. Gu   Detecting Baryon Acoustic Oscillations with Future Radio Observations
17:30 L. Feng   Turbulence of the IGM on large scales
18:00 H. Flores  IFU observations and simulations from GIRAFFE to X-Shooter

18:30 Wine tasting  

Tuesday May 15th: Session: DM and galaxies

09:00 Y.P. Jing    Evolution of galaxies and dark matter halos
09:30 E. Athanassoula  Secular evolution: The role of bars, dark matter and gas
10:00 A. Bosma         Dark matter in galaxies

10:30 Coffee break

11:00 R. Mohayee   Dark Flow and LCDM  
11:30 L. Gao      Dark Matter annihilation from galaxy clusters
12:00 E. Nezri   DM detection in N-body simulation framework

12:30  Lunch

Session: Our Galaxy and other galaxies  

14:00 A. Robin Modelling our Galaxy : new insights from stellar population synthesis
14:30 Y. Gao    Star formation laws in galaxies: recent updates  
15:00 Q.J. Yu        A phenomenological model of dual AGNs
15:30 M.  Zemp   Molecular hydrogen based star formation

16:00 Coffee Break

16:30 J. Shen          Modeling the Milky Way Bulge
17:00 S. Rodionov      Bending instability and vertical heating of a stellar disk
17:20 M. Kubryk        Radial migration in N-body simulations
17:40 S.G. Shu         Photometric properties of LBGs at z~1
18:10 F. Hammer        Observations of galaxies from z=1 to z=0
18:40 S. Fouquet       Impact of a past major merger on the Local Group

Wednesday May 16th  morning: Session:    BH/AGN

9:00 A. Omont        Herschel submillimeter lenses. H2O, a new diagnosis of their dense cores.
9:30 Z.W. Han  The role of binary stars in evolutionary population  synthesis study of early-type galaxies
10:00 Y. Lu  Physical modeling of QSOs: luminosity function, Eddington ratio distribution, mass function of active massive black holes, and clustering of QSOs

10:30  Coffee Break

11:00 R. Sadoun  M-sigma relation between SMBHs and the velocity dispersion of the globular cluster systems  
11:30 J.H. Fan  Beaming Effect for the Gamma-ray Blazars

12:00 Early Lunch  because of afternoon trip -
12:50 Departure from Hotel
13:30 Boat trip

20:00 Conference dinner

Thursday May 17th: Session:Instrumentation and Projects

9:00 M. Dennefeld: The potential of the "variable sky" for collaborative research and training
9:30 F. Viallefond The mathematical foundations of a measurement set data-model for physical experiments.
10:00 M. Chebbo Adaptive optics with artificial guide star:  Cone effect correction, filtering and coupling between Laser and Natural Guide Stars
10:20 M. Gray   Ensemble Transform Kalman Filter (ETKF):  Towards a dynamic and optimal control law for complex AO systems on Extremely Large Telescopes

10:40  Coffee break

11:10 S.J.Xue China's perspective to Join TMT and On Going Activities
11:40 J.-G. Cuby   The European Extremely Large Telescope Project

12:30 Lunch

14:00 P. Amram  Latest results of the "Mass Assembly Survey with SINFONI in VVDS (MASSIV)"
14:30 C. Tao   Tsinghua Center for Astrophysics and the Dark Universe
15:00  Discussions on LIA + Closing remarks
16:00 Coffee 

16:30 LIA Origins Science commitee meeting

Bus departing for Toulon at 18:00

Train departs 19:20 in Toulon

Informations to the participants

A bus will be expecting people on Sunday May 13th at the Toulon TGV station at 16h40 at the arrival of TGV 6177 from Paris departing Paris Gare de Lyon at 12h49 And for departure, we will also foresee a bus for the TGV 6122 departing Toulon at 19h20 on Thursday May 17th .

Read more: Informations to the participants


You can download the poster by clicking on the link below:


Origins simulation workshop.

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